New Jersey Business Owner Funds Ballistic Helmets for Entire Police Department

Ballistic Helmets for Jersey department

New Jersey Business Owner Funds Ballistic Helmets for Entire Police Department

Rutherford, NJ.–A New Jersey woman has rallied people together to purchase much needed ballistic helmets for the Rutherford Police Department in New Jersey.

Michelle Izquierdo is the co-owner of Mason’s Cellar on Park Avenue.  Mason’s Cellar is a highly rated beer, wine and spirits store that features a lot of local craft beer and has taken a stand to support their local police.  Izquierdo has worked diligently over the last few months to raise money to outfit the Rutherford Police Department with ballistic helmets.  The helmets cost around $500 a piece and to ensure each officer has one, that would mean providing a helmet for each of the 15 cars in the department rotation.

After recent incidents where ballistic helmets saved the life of an officer, Izquierdo was moved to get involved and make sure their police had the necessary equipment if, God forbid, they ever need it.  Incidents such as the Orlando night club shooting showed us how important additional safety equipment, such as ballistic helmets are.

Izquierdo set an initial goal of $5,000 and so far has collected over half.  On December 12th, Chief John Russo was presented with $3,100 that had been raised so far.  Chief Russo said the donation came as a total surprise.  “They have children and grandchildren in the schools, which is where we have really enhanced training.  They came to me and asked what they could do to help make us safer.  We are very appreciative.  WIth the initial donations and with what has been generated so far, we are looking to make the purchase of 16 helmets.”

Chief Russo said the next purchase needed for the department are panels that can layer over existing body armor, which help protect against high-powered rifle rounds.  RPD has also received an additional $1,000 on behalf of Ben and Penny Wilson.

“We expect our men and women in blue to be there to protect us, and now it’s out turn to protect them,” Izquierdo said.  You can help by clicking HERE

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