The Guardian Foundation is committed to helping our local Heroes who put their lives on line to protect the public everyday.  It has become disturbingly more commonplace to see and hear tragic incidents in the media where the perpetrator used a high powered rifle against the innocent public or our Law Enforcement Officers.  These tragic mass shooting are happening all across the country in both large and smaller communities where people at one point believed that it would never happen to them.  We believe that every Law Enforcement Officer should have immediate access to upgraded ballistic protection such as vests equipped with rifle plates that are designed to stop high velocity rounds and ballistic helmets.  By not having this life saving equipment immediately available to an Officer responding to an active shooter situation it could potentially delay a response by several precious minutes when we need them the most.  By having the proper ballistic equipment at the ready would allow Officers to quickly and confidently enter a dangerous situation to eliminate the threat and protect the public from further harm.

       We are currently engaged in fundraising campaigns that would allow us to purchase and donate Hard Body Armor which provides upgraded ballistic protection for Police Officers that currently do not have access to this much needed life saving equipment.  Our goal is to donate these ballistic vests, helmets, and shields to participating Police Departments.  We are currently working with the Bayonne Police Department and the Chatham Borough Police Department as recipients of this upgraded equipment. 

Hard Plate Shot with 21 High powered rounds.

This is an example of 1 of 4 rifle plates that would be inserted into a vest carrier.  These plates have been tested and will be donated to Law Enforcement Officers.  This plate was shot with the following rounds and barely left a scratch on the surface: .38 caliber pistol, .45 caliber pistol, 5.56 rifle rounds, 5.56 green tip rifle rounds, and  .308 rifle rounds.

Please click on the links below to watch the impressive testing videos that we shot.

Hard Body Armor Test 1

Hard Body Armor Test 2

Ballistic Helmet Test


Ballistic Helmet


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Ballistic Shield